the player 2007 – 2008

For almost two years, Rosa Roedelius has been working on sculptures and objects called “the items of playing”. These works represent buildings the artist invented to dream and live the day. They can be interpreted as playgrounds for the eye and offer opportunities to approach games. The objects are parts of stories that happened in the past or that will take place in the future. There is something you could call a playful looking that may open a whole new world.

The objects are intriguing because of their individual haptic impression, the different attractive surfaces and their poetical and waggish expression.

“Important for my work is my dreamlike certainty, that solves and expresses my formal and aesthetical questions.”

“I take a close look at their social circumstances and freeze their movement towards the pursuit of happiness,” Roedelius explains. “Every step further starts with a moment of silence, a blink of an eye before the next action takes place and opens a new possibility – to win or lose.” “Isn´t it at the same time the beholder´s expectations, which make him or her realize and see, what his or her own struggles and experiences of life are and what his or her face may look like in this very special moment of being?”

Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

8560 Ojai-Santa Paula Road

Ojai, 93024 CA